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Strong partners

Kalweit ITS. That stands for competence.

That's why we decided to outsource our marketing, sales and contract management to a strong partner like sThree GmbH.

Only in this way is it possible for us to guarantee the high international quality standards and requirements of our customers holistically and not just in the field of IT security.

Because professionalism, efficiency and quality have the highest priority when dealing with our partners. We try to meet this standard every day.

Thanks to the strategic cooperation with sThree, we have succeeded in meeting our responsibility towards our customers on a new level. 3000 employees in over 21 countries with over 54 offices support us in meeting our international customers on sales and contract level with a focus on country-specific conditions.

Thanks to this process optimization, we have been able to significantly minimize our administrative costs, which enables us to focus even more intensively on our core IT security competence.

Our great leadership team

"Never trust a running system." -Germany's most popular contract hacker
"Germany's most sought-after hacker" according to Focus Magazine No. 26/2018
"Hamburger of the Month" - ZEIT Hamburg No. 6/2019
"30 under 30 - Top 30 companies under 30 years" - FORBES 2019
"With his company and just 18 years old, he wants to bring a breath of fresh air to information security." - Forbes, German-language edition March 2019

Curiosity. A strong interest in information security, applied social sciences, politics and a strong rhetorical eloquence. Combining this creates a not inconsiderable part of me.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, I am considered to be the youngest entrepreneur to have his full business ability before the age of 18. My adulthood in the commercial sense was granted to me by the district court, which I had obtained through Section 112 of the German Civil Code (BGB). A privilege granted to only a few young people in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Of course, you expect a lot now, but you haven't found an 18-year-old with 20 years of professional experience.

Creative solutions, a strong team, no silo thinking. That's what I can offer you.
"IT security is dynamic."
At the age of 13, I discovered my passion for solving complex problems while stumbling across a mathematical solution to manipulating a card game in such a way that the odds of winning were extremely high.

During my studies I developed a concept for the development and introduction of a penetration test product for Anmatho. This was the first step in realizing information security as a complex problem to which I am committed. After studying computer science and philosophy, I worked at EY as a consultant.

Since then I have been supporting large international companies, banks and government agencies in the areas of risk management and information security. My range of services extends in particular to the internationally recognized safety standards ISO 27001 and NIST.

My deep understanding of intercultural communication and corporate culture supports me in meeting the high demands of our international customers.
"Always go one step further ..."
It is thanks to my strong thirst for knowledge that I am constantly looking for new challenges and setting new goals as soon as I have achieved the previous ones.

The keen interest in computers and the discovery of security gaps, coupled with the need to constantly develop myself, has made me familiar with the extensive knowledge of various vulnerabilities and security mechanisms in recent years.

I have often implemented my knowledge in vulnerability analysis, selected bug bounty programs and internal penetration tests or passed it on to others in the form of blog posts. Whether it is about learning a new JavaScript API, reading RFC documents carefully or learning assembly language programming, I always try to broaden my horizons and constantly improve myself.

I also look forward to putting what I learned into practice to ensure web application security and develop appropriate exploits. For this reason, I have already worked with companies such as DaWanda or the Sparkasse finance portal and convinced them with my technical expertise.
"A connected automobile is a question of safety."
At the age of 17 I took the opportunity to convert a vehicle from Wastegate to a VTG turbocharger, which not only gave me an extended insight into the processes of internal combustion engines, but also gave me the opportunity to adapt the control electronics to the new conditions.

From then on I dealt with the reverse engineering of engine control units, the internal networking of vehicles (FlexRay, CAN, Drive-by-Wire) and the development of electronic circuits, both professionally and in my free time.

As an example, I led a project to develop a device for using a two-point lambda probe as a lambda probe with a CAN connection, as well as the further development of a signal generator to support OBD applications.
Philipp Kalweit
Chief Executive Officer
"Germany's most popular hacker" FOCUS Magazin | No. 26 (2018)
Alexander Kühl
Partner, Head of Consulting Services
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science & Philosophy | SSCP, OSWP, ITIL
"Alexander Kühl is a consultant in the areas of risk and IS management. In addition to his work as a management consultant, he has received the certifications Systems Security Certified Practitioner, Information Security Officer, ISMS Foundation according to ISO 27001 and ITIL Foundation ".
Sven Morgenroth
Head of Pentest Services
David Herbst Ayala
Head of Automotive Cyber Security
"David Herbst Ayala deals with the security of embedded systems in the automotive environment. In addition, he works on the integration of various sensors via CAN and deals with the development of in-vehicle data communication ".
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