IT Sicherheit – frischer Wind
IT security – a breath of fresh air
Sécurité informatique – un vent de fraîcheur
Seguridad informática – un soplo de aire fresco
Hacker sind kreativ und finden immer neue Wege in Unternehmen einzudringen. Um Angreifern weiterhin einen Schritt voraus zu sein, braucht es immer wieder neue Ideen.

KALWEIT ITS – Wir bringen frischen Wind.
Hackers are creative and always find new ways to penetrate companies. To stay one step ahead of attackers, new ideas are always needed.

KALWEIT ITS – We bring a breath of fresh air.
Les pirates informatiques sont créatifs et trouvent toujours de nouveaux moyens de s'introduire dans les entreprises. Pour garder une longueur d'avance sur les attaquants, il faut sans cesse de nouvelles idées.

KALWEIT ITS – Nous apportons un vent de fraîcheur.
Los hackers son creativos y siempre encuentran nuevas formas de penetrar en las empresas. Para estar un paso por delante de los atacantes, siempre se necesitan nuevas ideas.

KALWEIT ITS – Traemos un soplo de aire fresco.


We believe that a digitally networked world can only exist if it is also secure.

This is precisely why we are doing educational work and demystifying the image of the hacker.

Press inquiries

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Selected press reports

"Germany's most sought-after hacker"

Focus Magazine 26/2018

"The Police Reporters: Threat of Russian Cyberattacks?"


"Germany's youngest professional hacker: "I always found it interesting to find the bugs in the system""


"Russia cracks down on Ukrainian companies with cyberattacks"


"With his company and just 18 years of age, he wants to be a breath of fresh air in information security."

Forbes, German-language edition March 2019

Hamburger of the Month "(...) has all the prerequisites to become the fresh face of digital transformation."

ZEIT Hamburg No. 6/2019

"A 20-something and a baby boomer explain what makes Gen Z so special - and what prejudice against "digital natives" must finally disappear."

Business Insider

"Philipp Kalweit is 18 years old - and a contract hacker".

"Philipp Kalweit, Global Player and Contract Hacker."

NDR – Das!

"Germany's most successful contract hacker"

Prosieben – Galileo

"30 under 30 - Making Germany better"

ZEIT Campus No. 1/2019

"He's 17 and building a hacker startup".


"Company founded at 17, now IT security entrepreneur."

German Radio Nova

"Salaries compared - what I earn"


"Between Cybercrime and User Experience"

Security Insider

"White Hat Hackers Serving IT Security"

"Hamburg, your (courage) makers: Hackers in the service of IT security"

Hamburg News

" Together for more cyber security: Atos Germany and Kalweit ITS enter into partnership "

Atos Germany

"At 19 on the Forbes list - Philipp Kalweit is not impressed"

Business Insider

"IT security is not a product, it is a process".

"How Philipp Kalweit became a hacker prodigy "

New press

"Portrait: Philipp Kalweit"

Daily Mirror

"Youngest German contract hacker"


"Career as an ethical hacker: IT expert Philipp Kalweit answers all your questions about the job"

Business Insider

"Philipp Kalweit - the rapid rise of a junior hacker"


Achieving more together – campaigns

Microsoft Germany - Stay real.

Philipp Kalweit knows his stuff. At just 19 years old, the IT security expert is one of Germany’s youngest and most sought-after contract hackers. In three videos Philipp answers the most important questions about Windows 7 End of Support, Product Keys and Malware.
Social education about Microsoft Windows products
Target group: End users

Telekom - #whatwedonext

Gen Z’s cultural heavyweights may be young, but they move with purpose. For the launch of Billie Eilish’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom, and in commemoration of International Youth Day, the artist is backed by a group of six young representatives who come from a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets. They may be furthering their creative scenes-like Polish DJ and performer Leo S, German musician and YouTube personality Fabian Grischkat, or Austrian sustainable fashion creative director Anna-Laura Kummer-pushing the tech industry into the future, like German hacker and computer security CEO Philipp Kalweit, or enacting political change, like Dutch and Greek climate activists Jahkini Bisselink and Eirini Vougiouka.
Social education on the profession of “penetration tester”. Because it doesn’t matter whether we’re on the cell phone,
but what we do with it.

Participants in the "Digital Society: smart & safe (SuSi)" project

A project of the Federal Office for Information Security

Achieving more together – guest contributions

"Everything Wrong: Cybersecurity" (guest post).

"Ethical hackers protect people and society" (guest article, page 8)