IT Sicherheit – frischer Wind
IT security – a breath of fresh air
Sécurité informatique – un vent de fraîcheur
Seguridad informática – un soplo de aire fresco
Hacker sind kreativ und finden immer neue Wege in Unternehmen einzudringen. Um Angreifern weiterhin einen Schritt voraus zu sein, braucht es immer wieder neue Ideen.

KALWEIT ITS – Wir bringen frischen Wind.
Hackers are creative and always find new ways to penetrate companies. To stay one step ahead of attackers, new ideas are always needed.

KALWEIT ITS – We bring a breath of fresh air.
Les pirates informatiques sont créatifs et trouvent toujours de nouveaux moyens de s'introduire dans les entreprises. Pour garder une longueur d'avance sur les attaquants, il faut sans cesse de nouvelles idées.

KALWEIT ITS – Nous apportons un vent de fraîcheur.
Los hackers son creativos y siempre encuentran nuevas formas de penetrar en las empresas. Para estar un paso por delante de los atacantes, siempre se necesitan nuevas ideas.

KALWEIT ITS – Traemos un soplo de aire fresco.

We bring a breath of fresh air to your company’s IT security.

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“Using cybersecurity as an opportunity”

IT security is a bit like climbing a mountain. Steady, laborious, but also always liberating.

After all, if IT security is effectively deployed where actual IT risks occur as part of regular IT operations, IT security creates more freedom. Similar to flight operations: Tried and tested safety concepts and measures make flying possible for everyone.

KALWEIT ITS stands for the excellent combination of cybersecurity and strategy.

As an independent consultancy, we specialize in performing penetration tests. We support companies with any technical, organizational or cultural IT security challenge.

Creative minds, a breath of fresh air and bold ideas ensure that we are always finding new ways to protect companies from cyber attacks in creative ways.

KALWEIT ITS – a breath of fresh air for your company’s IT security.